The College organizes extra-curricular activities along with academics to cater to the all-round development of students. The following activities are conducted annually.

  A Lit Fest comprising of Pick & Speak, Poetry Writing, Essay Writing, Elocution, Mime, Picture Reading, Pick & Act & Story Telling will be organized. In this event students demonstrate their literary skills and increase their confidence.

  The Annual College Magazine PRISM showcases the literary skills of our students in all three languages – English, Kannada & Hindi

  Commerce & Management Association – Students are encouraged to work on industry related projects.

  Students Seminars on Syllabus related themes have been introduced to help students research and acquire in - depth knowledge of a given topic.

  Cultural Activities are part and parcel of the college curriculum and students participate in the following programmes through the year.

  •   Independence & Republic Day
  •   Freshers Day
  •   Talents & Ethnic Day
  •   Rangoli & Collage Competition
  •   Cooking Without Fire & Mehendi Competitions
  •   Annual Day

  Field Trips, Adventure Camps & Industrial Trips are also organized

  NSS & NCC are voluntary organizations and the college has registered units for both. Students are expected to participate in the camps/treks and other activities organized.

  Sports – A full time Physical Education Instructor conducts classes once a week for all classes and coaching is provided in Volley Ball, Cricket, Throw ball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho. An Annual Sports Day is conducted which helps students display their skills in various sporting events. Students have are encouraged to participate in inter College Sports Competitions and those organized at the University level.

Participation in the above activities enables students to score credits in the Bangalore University.