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Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Incubation Centre

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell) and Incubation Centre has been established with the objective for promoting specialized knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship development, innovation and creative ideas. In view of the worldwide shortage of jobs (both government and private sectors) and lack of proper utilization of human resources; the Cell strives to identify talented youth and motivate them to entrepreneurial and innovation works.

Aug 2019

Field trip report:Karnataka chitrakala parishath

On 29 and 30 Aug 2019, Final Year and First Year B.Com students visited the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath(KCP) Centre, Bangalore, along with the members of the faculty, Mr.SRINIVAS, and Ms.LAKSHMI.M.R.

The purpose of the visit was to learn first-handthe pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. The students had interaction with different categories of entrepreneurs. Students also collected lot of information relating to business. During the visit, the students interviewed the entrepreneurs and made notes of important points.The environment at the KCP was very conducive for serious thinking and the visiting students noted some vey salient aspects of entrepreneurship, which could be very helpful and applicable for those who planned to venture into their own business.

The visit was a great eye opener about the real conditions of business, which no college can as effectively teach. The visit and the information gathered during the visit provided invaluable guidance and practical exposure.

The students and the members of the faculty are very thankful to Dr. ShanthiIyer, Principal, for permitting and sanctioning the visit.

Aug 2019

ED cell Field trip report : Karnataka chitrakala parishath

On 28th August 2019, Second year students visited the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Centre, Bangalore along with faculty members Ms.KAVITHA.S.R , Mr.SRINIVAS with an aim to learn the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. The students had interaction between different categories of entrepreneurs. Students also collected information relating to business.

The conduciveness of the event was learned with a creativity environment which could help students to apply in future especially for those who are interested in starting business.

During the visit students jotted down notes and interviewed the entrepreneurs. The students are currently learning a curriculum which educates them on what they will be exposed during the process of entrepreneurship .

The visit was accomplishment as the students were enlightened and practical exposure about the particularities of the events.

The students and the Faculty members remain thankful to Dr.Shanthi Iyer, Principal for allowing us to undertake the visit.

Aug 2019

Report on Field Trip to GKVK

Place of visit- GKVK Botanical Garden on 25/10/2019

“Come forth into the light of things, Let nature be your teacher”.
-William Wordsworth

An educational field trip was organized by ENTREPRENEUSHIP DEVELOPMENT CELL for the students of B.Com & BBA to the horticulture department of GKVK located in Hebbal.

Ms.KAVITHA.S.R- Coordinator ED CELL , Mr.SRINIVAS, Mr.CHIRNJEEVI from the Commerce department escorted our students around the botanical garden. Students were able to see many varieties such as passion trees , grapevines, coffee berries, Singaporean cherries, a 200 year old banyan tree, the fish tail palm tree ( containing the male and female inflorescence), guava, mango, jackfruit Sunflower plants.

Best out of waste products innovated by Entrepreneurs, handmade craft items,

The young ones could be seen learning and repeating new terms of horticulture such as – grafting, post –harvesting technology, green – house and mist chamber, fruit and vegetable processing plant etc.

It was indeed a wonderful educational field trip.

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