Extra-Curricular Activities


Sep 2018

Report on Self defense program

The Women’s Forum, UDAN of Dr.N.S.A.M First Grade College had organized “Self Defense” program on 1/9/2018 for all the girl students. The program started with the invocation by Ms. Ganashree and continued with a welcome speech by Ms.Inderakala,Assistant Professor. The self defense training was conducted by Mr. Srinivas Prabhu, Physical Education Director. In course of his training, Mr. Prabhu taught different kinds of techniques to protect themselves by the attackers. He also gave a detailed demonstration of various self defense skills. By the end of the day the trainees could empower themselves with various techniques to rescue themselves in any unforeseen situation. Finally the program concluded with proposing of vote of thanks by Ms. Lakshmi M R, Assistant Professor, Dr.N.S.A.M FGC

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