Extra-Curricular Activities


May 2019

Graduation Day

On 18 May 2019, Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College celebrated the Graduation Day. The program started with a procession by the final year students in their graduation attire. The Chief guest Dr. Yogi Devaraj, and the Principal of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College, Dr. R. Shanthi Iyer, gave away lamps to all the fresh graduates symbolically wishing the students a bright, enlightened, and prosperous future.

Mrs. M R Lakshmi provided the welcome address extending a hearty welcome to the Chief Guest Dr. Yogi Devaraj, the Principal, and other dignitaries and students.

Dr. R Shanti Iyer, Principal, administered the oath to all graduating students.

Dr. J.B Janardhan, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Languages, introduced Dr. Yogi Devaraj, the Chief Guest, to the audience.

Dr. Yogi Devaraj started his speech with a chanting of OM and spoke about the importance of peace in life. He highlighted the needs and aims of education in human life and advised the students to protect the environment.

Further, following prizes were distributed by the Chief Guest and the Principal:

  • Madhuri A.N. and Manohar P.B. – Award of Best Academic in B.Com.
  • Chandhana – Award of Best Academic in BBA
  • Pragathi – Award of Best in Sports
  • Manjunath K Nair and Chandhana – Award for the Best Outgoing Students for 2018-19 in B.Com and BBA respectively.

After prize distribution, Principal Dr. Shanthi R Iyer, delivered the presidential address.

Prof. Aasha, Head of Commerce Department, proposed a vote of thanks.

Feb 2019

Food Fest

DR. N.S.A.M First Grade College organized “Food Fest” on 08 Mar 2019 which was also the International Women’s Day.

The Students installed 5 stalls from different classes by paying minimum registration fees to obtain space for veg and non-veg stalls in the open air theater of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College.


  • Dr.Sindhu N
  • Mr.Shekar
  • Lakshmi R
  • Dr.Hemavathi
  • Dr.Gagan
  • Gowtham

Following were the stalls put up:


Friends Chat was all about different types of chats and the highlight of this stall was Badam milk, which got completely sold out.


BBA Rockers was all about ice-creams, fruits and tender coconut.


Ambur Biriyani Stall was all about Ambur chicken biryani and chicken lollipop.

4. BBA non-veg mane [2nd year BBA]

BBA Non – veg Mane was all about chicken kabab, chicken biryani, nati koli saru, and shavige with combo offers


Fest maker was Badam milk, tender coconut, and PUBG biryani



The students exhibited their entrepreneurial and marketing skills and successfully made profit out of their business.

The students were very thankful for the management and staff of Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College for conducting “FOOD FEST 2K19”.

Feb 2019

Students of Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College participated in various competitions held at St. Claret College, Bangalore, on 22 and 23 February 2019.

Following students participated in the Fashion Show:

  • Govind - II B.com
  • Vilas A – I B.com
  • Nisarga.P - IB.com
  • Nishitha N - I B.com
  • Bhanushree M 1st year B.com
  • Bhanushree M – I B.com
  • Suhas - IB.com
  • Asha C – I B.com
  • Pradyumna – I BBA

Following students presented the show “Cook without fire”

  • Monisha. S and Keerthishree - I B.Com.

We are proud to announce that the Students won 2nd Prize in the show “Cook without fire” and 3rd prize in Fashion Show.

Feb 2019

Students of Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College participated in Fashion Show competition in Bapu College, Bangalore, on 16 Feb 2019

The following Students participated:

  • Govind 2nd year B.com
  • Vilas – I B. Com.
  • Nisarga P – I B. Com.
  • Bhanushree M – I B. Com.
  • Suhas – I B. Com.
  • Asha C – I B. Com.
  • Pradyumna – I BBA

The students showcased their talent in Fashion Show with Mexican attire called “Boho” and we are proud to announce that they won the 3rd prize in the competition.

Feb 2019


The Cultural and Commerce Committee of Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College, Bangalore, had motivated students to participate in Inter Collegiate Fest which was held at Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College at Nitte, Karkala, on 4th and 5th Feb 2019.

The Students participated in eight events, such as Best Manager- Chanakya , Marketing -Tijarat, Finance- Kosh, Quiz-Paheli, Treasure Hunt- Rahasya, Mock Press- Krithirm, Photography- Ankur, Solo-singing- Kalarav and Group Dance- Antarang.

Sl.No Events Students Participated
1 Best Manager Yashas - IV Sem B. Com. A
2 Marketing Sachin Bayagalli - IV Sem B. Com. A
3 Finance Harini - IV Sem BBA
4 Treasure Hunt Soumya. G and Revanth - IV Sem BBA
5 Mock Press Govind - IV Sem B. Com B
6 Photography Abhishek – VI Sem B. Com. A
7 Solo singing Ganashree - II Sem B. com
8 Group Dance Ranjit and Group

All the Students participated with enthusiasm and their performances were very much appreciated by the judges and organizers; in some events such as Best Manager, Mock Press, and Group Dance, the participants were able to reach the final stage.

July 2018

Report on World Heart Day

A workshop was conducted by the Health Club of Dr. N.S.A.M. First Grade College on 29 Sep 2018, as part of World Heart Day celebrations, to disseminate information and awareness of coronary ailments and good practices to be followed to have a healthy heart

The World Heart Foundation organizes World Heart Day, an international campaign on September 29 every year, to inform people about cardiovascular diseases, which are one of the biggest causes of human fatality. The day promotes preventative measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In the session, Dr. Annapurna, Assistant Professor, Dr. N.S.A.M First Grade College, provided students with the knowledge on the mechanism of the working of a heart, its structure and function; how the living style affects the heath of a heart and how the stressed life affects the health and performance of heart; how cardiovascular diseases are caused and how a holistic approach of life assures good health of the heart.

The session was followed by a detailed explanation and practical experiment by Sri. Thirumalesh C, Physical instructor, Dr. N.S.A.M PU College. He also gave tips on how to schedule a healthy diet and practice pranayama for a healthy heart. Finally, the program was concluded with a Vote of Thanks presented by student coordinators.

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